Monday, March 19, 2007

2 Fer One: The Duke & Muse

Yesterday, there was a bit of buzz surrounding the discovery of a John Wayne movie masquerading as a music video on iTMS. Blogger Michael Whalen [] posted that he'd purchased and downloaded Knights of Cydonia by Muse, only to discover that the file was actually

"some John Wayne western movie called Hondo."
So John Wayne fans and budget-minded shoppers alike sped to the iTunes store to get a full-length movie for $1.99 USD. (Reports surfaced that international users were able to download the movie as well, which proved exciting for the countries which do not yet have movie sales available in iTunes.)

By this morning, Knights of Cydonia had moved up to #74 on the top 100 music videos in the iTunes store (USA), and Apple® had corrected the glitch, replacing Hondo with the actual music video.

This got me to thinking.... how would Apple® deal with the folks who complained that they were actually trying to purchase the music video and got some movie they didn't want? Would they allow those people to re-download the actual music video? Would they just give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and give 'em all the video, too.

Out of curiosity, I selected "check for purchases" in my iTunes menu, and low and behold iTunes began to download the Knights of Cydonia video (the real one). Seems Apple® just decided to head any complaints off at the pass, by sending out the actual music video to valid purchasers.

I'm happy. I'm not even a John Wayne fan, but I got a full-length movie and a music video for a buck ninety-nine. Oh, the adventure!
UPDATE: 20-Mar-07 -> This may be a glitch with my particular account, but iTunes re-downloaded the music video not once, but six times, before it finally cleared from my queue of purchased items. Whew!

UPDATE 2: 20-Mar-07 4:54PM -> Just received an email from Apple® about the glitch. It seems my original guess was correct. If you got Hondo you should also get Knights of Cydonia at no extra charge. This is a "2 fer one." See email snip below:
"Thank you for downloading the music video "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse. An error occurred, and the item you received was the wrong one.

To correct this problem, we placed a new copy in your download queue. To begin downloading, click this link:
Or, you can open iTunes and select Check for Purchases from the Store menu. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team by replying to this email."

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