Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tribeca + Jaman = Tasty

Even though this isn't a download-to-own-for-handhelds thing, I thought it worth mentioning that:

The Tribeca Film Festival has partnered with Jaman, a movie download service specializing in "world" cinema, to bring viewers six films screening at this year's fest. Each of the six films will be available as a FREE RENTAL on the Jaman service for a 7-day window after it premieres at the festival. Here's a chance for a global audience to attend the Tribeca Film Festival virtually.

The six films made available are as follows: Between Heaven & Earth (Available for download Apr 27 - May 3), Razzle Dazzle (Available for download Apr 28 - May 4), A Guest of Life (Available for download Apr 28 - May 4), The Tree (Available for download May 1-7), The Optimists (Available for download May 3-9), and The Pelican (Available for download May 5-11).

Even if you're not interested in these six particular films, which are being offered for free rental, you should still check out Jaman, as there are some wonderful art house flicks available, as well as Bollywood films, Hong Kong cinema, and a goodly amount of movies from other regions, too. (During the beta many catalog items are available for free rental.) New titles are added regularly, friendships between film fanatics is expected and welcomed (they are trying to build a community) and filmmakers are encouraged to submit and upload their own films.

I love the idea of this service (I'm a member), and there is definitely a market for it. I just wish that the "purchase option" gave you a format choice for the download. I know their point is to try to give you cinematic quality viewing of the films and

the player intentionally doesn't burn content to DVDs or iPods for Digital Rights Management reasons. The only way to play the movies is on your computer or on your TV via a cable."
But, I want to be able to take a purchased film to watch on my iPod or PSP. If I'm buying it then I should get a format choice. That's my complaint. Thus, I refuse to buy movies from the service for this reason, but I do use it to rent films from around the world.

NOTE: Jaman registration is free. The download service costs $1.99 for movie rentals (7-days) or $4.99 to purchase a film. (Some films are only available in specific countries.) You do need to download and install the Jaman player to use the service, but IMO it's worth installing.

Sign-up now during beta, and get 3 FREE rentals, plus an entry into a drawing for a 42" plasma TV.

Friday, April 27, 2007

A Dissident Is Here

Today in honor of all those who have risked life and limb to stand up for truth and liberty, I give you a "Suite Out Of Key: The Dissonant Chorus in three parts" (Watch and/or download a protest video, enter a contest, sign a petition...).

Download Option: Grab a QuickTime movie of the above video here [save as], but visit the web site below, too.

Part 1: A nifty little site called Tell us the MISSION, launched in anticipation of the 4-year anniversary of the unfurling of the now infamous "Mission Accomplished" banner. From the site:
On May 1, 2003, aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln off the coast of San Diego, President George W. Bush gave his infamous "Mission Accomplished" speech stating major combat operations in Iraq had ended. Today, four years later, nationally renowned spoken word artist Steven Connell joins forces with Robert Greenwald and Brave New Foundation to ask what, exactly, was ever accomplished.
They've not only got a protest video -- and Steven Connell is fierce -- but also a petition and a contest going. Check out the site for details.

Part 2 (In Memoriam): Mstislav "Slava" Rostropovich is dead. The Russian maestro, a celebrated cellist and conductor, spent a good part of his career in a self-imposed exile due to his support of Soviet dissidents like writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a Nobel prize winner. In perhaps one of the most memorable images of human rights solidarity, in November of 1989, Rostropovich gave a impromptu performance -- a man and his cello -- as protesters tore down the Berlin Wall. Why not visit the Home-museum of L. and M. Rostropovich?

Part 3:
Que the Pearl Jam. "Escape is never, the safest path..."

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Get Rihanna's Umbrella!

Don't buy it on iTunes! Save that $1.99 USD! (You're welcome to donate the money to me ...just a suggestion.) Download the world premiere video of Rihanna's new single Umbrella featuring Jay-Z for free courtesy of CoverGirl® Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers. (Rihanna is debuting as a new CoverGirl® and the giveaway is part of the celebration.)

Potential downloaders are asked to register with Def Jam and/or CoverGirl® in order to get the free video. Hint: The form merely requires that one input information -- any information -- in specific fields. Afterwards, you can choose between a regular QuickTime movie [~37MB] or an iPod-ready resolution [~57MB] of the video.

This promotion expires 01-May-07 (or while supplies last) and is only open to US residents. (Yeah, right?) The video is smoking! Snag the download while it's hot...

Price: Free! (Value: $1.99 USD, based on comparative pricing)

Go here to register.

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The Small-Screen Media Guide is the "world's first" multimedia blog focused specifically on media and accessories aimed at the small-screen or handheld platform market -- whether it's showing on a mobile phone, handheld computer, PDA, portable media player, or even a laptop. (I may also post an occasional behind-the-scenes look at the Small-Screen Broadcast Network -- a Small-Screen Interactive project currently in development.)

The main selling points of multimedia for the "small-screen" are portability and customization. You, the content consumer, are in control. You set your own schedule, and U Can Take It With U! (UCTIWU) -- that's why I like download-to-own (DTO) options!

There's a lot of hype surrounding so-called MP3 blogs, but I say MP3 blogs are much too narrow-minded. I want full-spectrum media: audio, video, and everything in between! I want to be entertained, educated, informed, and primed -- and be able to carry everything necessary to accomplish this in my pocket. (It does take PocketScience™!)

On the Small-Screen Media Guide, I plan to highlight what's hot & happening in the download-to-own media and handheld accessories market. No streams here (unless it's too good to ignore). I prefer download-to-own media because I can take it with me (thus the slogan: UCTIWU and Anytime Anywhere Media); I don't need an active Internet connection to enjoy them; and I can use them at my leisure. I hate YouTube, but like Google Video for this reason. (And yes, I can force downloads from YouTube, but that's not the point.)

If you're like me, you want to be able to fill up your iPod, PSP, or mobile (cell phone) with minimal fuss and even less of a cost. So while I may list things with a price tag (if worthy), my heart belongs to the freebies.

Drop me a line via uctiwu AT, if you know of any content that should be featured here. (The caveat being that the content should be legitimately offered by the rights owner of said item/s. No illegal file-sharing lists or the like will be accepted.) I know legitimate good stuff is out there, and content providers want to see it in our grubby little hands. And in general, I'm not talking about stuff (for instance, a podcast) that's readily available on iTunes, or other download-store services. (Note: There are always exceptions, as evidenced by the first post of this blog.)

NOTE: If you're a content owner/provider and wish to promote your own offering, even better. Send me a link with the appropriate verbiage, and if it meets the "Small-Screen Media Guide quality standards," I'll happily feature it here.

So this is the one-stop shop for what's hot in the mobile content/handheld media/on-the-go edutainment segment. Stay tuned ... or not. Because I'm all for time-shifted viewing.

Welcome to the premiere -- not-just-MP3 but -- multimedia blog! It's media for the small-screen!

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