Thursday, April 26, 2007


Here they are, those pesky Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: How often is this blog updated?

A: The short answer is... it varies. The longer answer is... I post things as I find content that I feel will be of value to the readers of this blog. Thus, some days there may be a spate of posts because I've come across a goodly amount of quality downloads, services, products, or news that I wish to share with readers.

On other days, however, there may only be one post or no posts, if the well is running dry, so to speak. (For example: I haven't found any content that has caught my eye or ear; I'm plagued by computer and/or internet service issues which prevent me from posting; or I'm quite ill, physically -- I'm always mentally ill, so that doesn't count.)

That said, I do try to post regularly, but I refuse to post just for the sake of posting. I would rather put up items only when warranted (by their perceived quality or quirkiness). So, why not subscribe to email or RSS alerts and then you'll get notified of the site updates automatically (whenever they happen)?

Q: Can I use (fill-in-the-blank) program to remove the DRM from a download offer you posted?

A: Please do not ask me how to circumvent DRM. I do know how -- I am a tech geek after all -- but that is not the purpose of this blog and I will kindly ignore such questions. I always try to point out if a specific offer contains DRM, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you would like to download the digital media. If you do choose to download a posted offer, please don't complain to me that it has DRM. I respect content creators/owners, so should you.

Q: What is the ^ symbol for?

A: This symbol denotes a "Link-Type." Because I want to give you as much information as possible about an offer -- so you can determine whether it's something you should bother with -- I'll even tell you how a specific offer is accessed by describing the type of link given.

Starting 06-Aug-07 (and going forward), when you see this symbol ^ in front of text enclosed in brackets, you'll know this is a link description denoting type. A Link-Type description appears directly after the link that it describes.

For example, if you see [^iTunes] after a link it means that the link will attempt to launch iTunes software application when clicked. Alternately, [^web] means the link opens a web page.

NOTE: Because "Offer Source" links are almost always web sites, I do not add Link-Type descriptions after them. Actually, anytime a contextual link is NOT followed by a Link-Type description, you can safely assume it merely opens an external web site.

DISCLAIMER: All links are active at the time they are posted. Please note that most offers are for a limited-time only. This site does not host any downloads, and therefore cannot predict when items will be taken down by their respective content owners and/or providers. If there is an offer/s which catches your interest, then you are strongly encouraged to download the item/s ASAP after it's posted.

About this FAQ: This page will be updated from time to time as new questions are asked. You can access the FAQ via its footer permalink. (This is a blog feature residing on a "static" page.)


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