Thursday, April 26, 2007

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ABOUT THIS BLOG: The Small-Screen Space™, aka SSS, is a multimedia blog brought to you by Castle Modern™ [], a small private firm (startup) specializing in tools and information necessary to efficiently run the well-appointed modern household and live equitably & sustainably (i.e., an eco-conscious home & garden lifestyle brand).

SSS is a links-to-legal-downloads guide or multimedia blog, run by the #1 mobile (as in portable and accessible anytime, anywhere) media maven, namely me, g.IRL™ (my web moniker). Feel free to send me comments and/or questions using the contact form.

I hope you enjoy the site!

DISCLAIMER: All links are active at the time they are posted. Please note that most offers are for a limited-time only. This site does not host any downloads, and cannot therefore predict when items will be taken down by their respective content owners and/or providers. If there is an item/s which catches your interest, then you are strongly encouraged to download a copy ASAP after it's posted.

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About This Guide:
Small Screen Life™ (aka SSL) highlights download media (primarily) for transfer to mobile devices -- like smartphones or portable media players --- with a focus on legal acquisition of digital media downloads. This site promotes portable content (also called mobile content) and tells you where to go in order to download it! Whether on-the-go entertainment, mobile learning (m-learning) or mobile video games, it's all download media for mobile devices. Go ahead, pack your portable media player or load content onto your SmartTV! The Small Screen reigns as the bleeding edge content creation space of the entertainment industry. Take control of your media. Join the Anytime Anywhere Media brigade.