Wednesday, June 20, 2007

High Times [mp3]

Here's a quickie for ya. Rolling Stone magazine [] is giving away an MP3 of the song High Times by Elliott Smith.

Elliott Smith, for anyone who doesn't know, gained wide-spread fame when several of his songs were used on the Good Will Hunting soundtrack. (Apparently Gus Van Sant, the film's director, is a fan.) Elliott Smith already had a very loyal "underground" following by the time Good Will Hunting hit the public conscious, however.

One of his songs from Good Will Hunting, a cut called Miss Misery, was nominated for an Oscar® (1997). The award would go to Celine Dion for My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic soundtrack. But not before Smith, clad in a white suit, took the stage to perform his track live, and bring himself to the attention of a legion of new fans. (I can still vividly recall the scene. I'm not an award show fan in general, but had tuned in to see the musical performances.)

Tragically, Smith died several years later (21-Oct-2003) of a stab wound to the chest, in an apparent suicide. (The case is still open.) He had struggled with depression and drug addiction for some time, and there was some question as to whether being in an increasing spotlight contributed to his undoing.

He was a gifted being. And you should check out this track.


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