Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fit and the Conniptions [mp3]

Above video: Wayne Myers (Fit and the Conniptions) + guests performing at the 491 Gallery in Nov 2006.

The brainchild of London singer/songwriter Wayne Myers, Fit and the Conniptions [] -- a joint band and webcomics project -- reached a milestone the other day, with 235 'issues' in print.

In celebration, Myers has just released the debut Fit and the Conniptions album, Bless Your Heart, which can be previewed in its entirety on his site (via a flash player). Bless Your Heart is also available as a free download [MP3]. Additionally, there are some other free MP3's (including some tracks that didn't make the album cut), and band videos on offer via YouTube. CD hard copies of the album will be available for purchase at CDBaby [].


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