Wednesday, July 25, 2007


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Short-Attention-Span Theater™
Nothing is currently playing at the SAST. Come back soon!

About SAST: The Short-Attention-Span Theater™ or SAST is the location designated for video clips (not necessarily of the downloadable variety) which have been brought to my attention. But I hope these items are of interest, are funny, or at least make you pause and think. Don't worry, they're short! SAST may include sponsored items and/or links, but they are clearly noted. You can access SAST via its Navigation Menu permalink. (This is a blog feature residing on a "static" page.)


About This Guide:
Small Screen Life™ (aka SSL) highlights download media (primarily) for transfer to mobile devices -- like smartphones or portable media players --- with a focus on legal acquisition of digital media downloads. This site promotes portable content (also called mobile content) and tells you where to go in order to download it! Whether on-the-go entertainment, mobile learning (m-learning) or mobile video games, it's all download media for mobile devices. Go ahead, pack your portable media player or load content onto your SmartTV! The Small Screen reigns as the bleeding edge content creation space of the entertainment industry. Take control of your media. Join the Anytime Anywhere Media brigade.