Saturday, August 18, 2007

MoCo Citing

Have you discovered a hot digital download that isn't featured on SSS yet? Fill out the contact form on the right and pass on the relevant details, including a link to the content.

Yes, please drop this site a line using its contact form, if you know of any download-to-own content that should be featured on SSS. The caveat being that the download should be legitimately offered by the rights owner/s or licensed distributor of said product/s. (No illegal file-sharing lists or the like will be accepted.) It doesn't have to be a free download -- I do feature paid services of note -- but it should be a quality download.

Generally speaking, I'm not talking about stuff (for example, a podcast) that's readily available on iTunes or other mainstream download-to-own digital media stores. (There are always exceptions, however, as evidenced by the first post of this blog.) If you think you've found an incredible legal download being offered online, then please share it with me, so that I can share it with the other visitors.

Authorized downloads are out there and content owners + providers want to see their 'stuff' find its way into consumers' grubby little hands.

NOTICE: If you're a digital content owner/provider and would like to promote your own download offering on SSS, even better. Send me a link with the appropriate verbiage, and if it meets Small-Screen Space™ "quality standards," I'll happily put up a quick post about it on the blog.

Also, if you're a digital content owner/provider who would like to be featured in our SMSCR Sunday Spotlight, then feel free to fill out the contact form to nominate yourself as a candidate. (I do ASK the content owners/providers that have come to my attention, but I can't discover everything, so please do nominate yourself....)

FYI: The SMSCR Sunday Spotlight (SMSCRSS) is a long-form article post usually involving a virtual interview with a 'company' spokesperson, and it's the only item posted on the Sunday that it debuts -- unless some extra, extra special limited time offer crops up on a Sunday that I need to get the word out about immediately. Each Sunday Spotlight article is also linked to for at least a week after it's posted via a prominent call-out box on the every page. And the Sunday Spotlight has a permalink in the navigation menu at the top of each page.

So any content or entity featured in a Sunday Spotlight should get noticed by visitors, who have so far hailed from six continents. (I'm still hoping some scientist, or at the very least a penguin, in Antarctica finds this site, so I can brag that I have visitors from all seven continents.)

If you would like an example of what a long-form article post is like, the inaugural SMSCR Sunday Spotlight can be found here: the first SMSCRS.

About MoCo Citing: MoCo Citing or Mobile (as in portable) Content Citing is a blog notice explaining how to suggest download-to-own digital media to be featured on SSS. You can access MoCo Citing (Submit Mobile Content) via its Navigation Menu permalink. (This is a blog notice residing on a "static" page.)


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