Saturday, September 1, 2007


Get with the Splingo!

I realize that I use a lot of "code words" (phrases, acronyms, and abbreviations) on this site that may leave you wondering about what exactly it is that I'm referencing or discussing. Well, wonder no more.

For here in this space, I'll keep an ongoing lexicon of my very own specialized lingo (or splingo™). Lingo (or vernacular) is by nature generally incomprehensible to those people who are not members of the group which speaks it. Because I am also a techie and language aficionado, I realize that my specific lingo may be even more difficult for the layman to cotton on to (which in this case means 'pick up or understand, to take to').

So I thought a handy reference was in order. Find it below. It will grow as I add to my industry specific vocabulary -- I learn new stuff almost everyday!

Dictionary of Splingo

FOTW (added 04-Oct-07)
Main Entry: f·o·t·w
Pronunciation: ef-oh-tee-doubleyew
Etymology: acronym
Free(day) + Of + The + Week
1 : the day of the week (currently Tuesday) when leading download-to-own services changeover their free for-a-limited-time offer/s and put up new ones, led by Apple iTunes.
Apple established Tuesday as the day it unveils
free for-a-limited-time downloads on iTunes [music download industry leader]. Once launched, Wal-Mart Music Downloads and Amazon MP3 Downloads followed suit, setting Tuesday as their "Freeday of the Week", also. This has nothing to do with emulating Apple; since Tuesday is the main day for new music drops within the industry, having Tuesday also be the day to unveil promotions makes it easy for download services to coordinate limited-time offers in conjunction with new album & singles releases. Thus, Tuesday is a big day in the realm of free, legal, download-to-own content -- that's why I call it the Freeday of the Week or FOTW.

mobiling (added 08-Nov-07)
Main Entry: mo·bi·ling
Pronunciation: moe-beh-ling
Etymology: acronym
mobile + -ing
1 : the art of traveling place to place and consuming media on the go (i.e., live vicariously via mobile media); a by-product of multi-tasking. Considered a sport by some fanatics, mobiling implies that the user is quite savvy -- one who goes mobiling by nature enjoys and avidly follows the mobile technology industry (via mobile alerts, the mobile web, and mobile content portals, of course).
Example: I could watch this show on TV, but I'd rather go mobiling and catch it while I'm in line at the grocery store.

Mobivangelist (added 01-Oct-07)
Main Entry: mo·bi·van·ge·list
Pronunciation: moe-bee-van-jeh-list
Etymology: combined form
mobile + evangelist
1 : one who preaches the "saving grace" of a mobile lifestyle; a type of evangelist, like televangelist, except the medium is mobile devices and content.

Main Entry: mo·co
Pronunciation: moe-coe
Etymology: combined form
mobile + content
1 : (media) content intended for use on a mobile or handheld device; varyingly called portable content, portable digital media, portable format files, mobile media, etc..
2: content
specifically created for mobile (i.e., cellular) phones.

Main Entry: mo·co·do
Pronunciation: moe-coe-doe
Etymology: combined form
mobile + content + docent
1 : a position (job) charged with managing and organizing (i.e., overseeing) mobile content development, production, publication and delivery.

Main Entry: mo·me·ma
Pronunciation: moe-mee-mah
Etymology: combined form
mobile + media + maven
1 : a mobile content expert or enthusiast.

smscr or sm-scr
Main Entry: sm·scr
Pronunciation: ess-em-ess-cee-ar
Etymology: combined form
small + screen
1 : an abbreviation of small-screen, any viewing area smaller than a movie theater screen (such as a television screen or mobile device screen).

About Splingo: Splingo, an amalgam of the words specialized + lingo, is the area of SSS containing a lexicon of phrases commonly used on this blog. You can access Splingo via its Navigation Menu permalink. (This is a blog feature residing on a "static" page.)


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