Wednesday, November 28, 2007

El Diablo [m4a/m4p]

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iTunes Latino USA

This week's free (gratis) Canción de la Semana (Latin SOTW) is by DJ Bitman. It's a song called El Diablo [6.7MB/256kbps/M4A] and features artist Jimmy Fernandez.

This song has yet to be reviewed on iTunes USA.

NOTE: Apple iTunes Music Store (iTMS) regular downloads are in DRM-protected formats -- generally protected AAC audio [m4p/m4b] and protected MPEG-4 video [m4v]. iTunes Plus music downloads are DRM-Free AAC audio [m4a]. You must have an iTunes account in order to download from the iTunes Music Store. Account registration is free, but may require a valid credit card. Accounts are only valid for the country store wherein registration occurred. (For example, an iTunes USA account will not work as a login for the iTunes Australia store.) iTunes can also play and store Audible (AA) files, once the application has been authorized to do so.

SPECIAL NOTICE: You have the option of downloading this free song as an iTunes Plus item. iTunes Plus is Apple's designation for its higher bit-rate (256 kbps) DRM-Free audio tracks [M4A], and DRM-Free video files which would regularly cost slightly more than the DRM-protected ones. Please note that your account information is still embedded in iTunes Plus downloads.

ERROR NOTICE: This song was still showing a price of $0.99 USD on its product page, but it shows up (correctly) as FREE once it's added to the shopping cart.


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