Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The First Noel [mp3]

Wal-Mart Music Downloads

The Wal-Mart Music Downloads free track for this week is the song The First Noel [12.1MB/256kbps/MP3] by Celtic Woman.

NOTE: Wal-Mart Music Downloads now come in two flavors: 1) DRM-protected Windows Media Audio and/or Video [WMA/WMV] files, or 2) DRM-Free MP3 files. (Not all audio items have an MP3 purchase option. So far only items from Universal Music Group and EMI Group are available.) The Wal-Mart Music Downloads store may require IE (or at least IE Tab) to access its web site (and the service is not Mac friendly). In order to download items from the store, you need to have a Wal-Mart Music Downloads store account, and to install the (Windows only) Music Downloads Store Management software. It's free to register for an account. US customers only.

SPECIAL NOTICE: This track is a 256kbps MP3 download.
Listening to:
Céu - Ave Cruz


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