Friday, August 31, 2018


Small-Screen Sunday Spotlight

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Want A #Free #iTunes #GiftCard? Do This #CokeRewards Offer!

Coke Rewards put up a new offer yesterday-ish. You have the chance to earn a $2.00 iTunes Gift Card merely by entering four product codes. This offer is NOT available in the Coke app, you must check the Coke Rewards website to discover if you've been given the offer.

The offer details are quoted below:
Be one of the first 25,000 to enter any four product codes and you’ll receive a $2 iTunes gift card. You'll also be entered for the chance to win a $500 iTunes gift card and $200 Bluetooth® headphones.

Ends 11/9/18. Limit one offer per person. You must be invited and signed in to view the promotion. See T&Cs for all details.

If 25,000 users enter 4 codes each, the $2 iTunes gift cards will be awarded at the end of the promotion. Keep entering codes and check the progress below. We'll notify you to claim your gift card once unlocked.
Visit Coke Rewards website:

Monday, August 20, 2018

Novamex Under the Cap #Sweepstakes: #Vudu Discount Code #Prize

If you purchase digital content on Vudu, here's a potential way to save a little dough:

Novamex, a distributor of goods from Mexico, is currently running a sweepstakes called Under the Cap promoting its beverages (Mexican sodas: 1. Jarritos – All flavors/Varieties, 2. Mineragua - All flavors/Varieties, 3. SÍdral MUNDET - All flavors/Varieties, and 4. Sangria Señorial - All flavors/Varieties).

The contest has an no-purchase required alternative method of entry (AMOE) form allowing you to generate two entry codes per day per (email) account. 

One of the available prizes is a Vudu 20% Discount Code. (Vudu allows a maximum of 5 of these sweepstakes codes to be redeemed per user account.) While this prize is rarer than the ubiquitous Fanatics discount code, people are winning. Since finding out about the contest (about two weeks ago), I've played almost daily and have already won about 5 Vudu codes.

So give it try Vudu fans:

NOTE: The sweepstakes ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on September 15, 2018 (whiles supplies last). There are other prizes including cash and the top prize was a car. Make certain to use accurate information on the form/s as entry codes are emailed and if you win a real prize it will be mailed/shipped to you. Larger value prizes also require you to "prove valid entry" so hold onto any entry code emails you receive --- at least until you see what you've won each day --- because you may need to show the email as proof that a winning code was sent to you. You can also enter by purchasing a participating Novamex beverage (support the contest sponsor) and entering the code printed under the cap. The cap itself serving as proof of valid entry in the event a large value prize is won.

A Line of Demarcation (Admin Note): SSS Is Back!

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