Thursday, October 4, 2018

Free Episodes - Google Play #DownloadToOwn #FamilyLibrary

The Google Play Store regularly gives away free episodes of various television series and occasionally a made-for-television movie or simultaneous release theatrical movie, etc. The selection changes depending on what is currently being promoted. Sometimes you can score the pilot episode of a new series before it airs on broadcast TV or get more than one episode of a series for free. As these are free "purchases" --- make certain the price on the checkout popup is $0.00 (or Free) --- episodes go into your cloud library at Google Play and can either be streamed or downloaded for offline viewing. A Google account is required for purchasing (free to register, may require a CC on file).

Tip: Use the free episodes as a noncommittal way to check out series in order to see if one should invest any more time in watching.

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